5 Tips to Save with a Roommate

5 Tips to Save with a Roommate

Here are 5 great tips from our first  guest blogger of 2012, Matt Shealy



5 Tips to Save with a Roommate

Trying to save money on your living expenses? Living with a roommate is an easy way to cut your costs in half. The hard part is finding a roomie that doesn’t drive you crazy. With rental prices increasing each year, it is crucial that you find a reliable roommate that will also be enjoyable to live with. Follow these 5 steps to ensure you find a roommate that you enjoy spending time with and don’t have to wonder if you will be covering the bills this month.


1.  Spend some time with your potential roommate. Take them out for a glass of wine. You will want to understand how they spend their time, the type of people they surround themselves with and what their living habits are like.  Extracting this information from them will take some tact. Ask pointed question without seeming rude.  If you don’t ask now, you may find out when it’s too late.


2. Privacy policy. Be upfront and honest with your expectations about privacy in your home. Most likely, your potential roommate shares your desire to keep private matters private.


3. Interested in their interests? Finding a roommate that appreciates your tastes or even your passions is a huge bonus. How great would it be if your roommate was also your workout buddy or shared your interest in contemporary art? Having a close relationship with your roommate is sure to help when one of you forgets to take care of your household obligations.


4. Protect yourself from life’s not so pleasant surprises. You never know when the unexpected will come your way. Would you be able to replace your belongings out of pocket if a fire broke out in your apartment building? Talk to your potential roommate about getting a rental insurance policy. You may want to require your roommate be insured so that you know your roommate will still be able to pay the bills if a catastrophe occurs.


5. Profession is important. This is the most important aspect of keeps your financial house in order when you look for a new roommate. Confirm that your potential roommate has stable employment that generates enough income to easily cover their share of the bills.

Finding a roommate is a lot like dating but with this guide you are equipped to find the right housemate without all of the fuss. Just remember; always protect your financial wellbeing when on the lookout for the right roomie.


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