Tips for Going Green and Paper Free

Tips for Going Green and Paper Free |Savings Scoop

I get so much mail it’s seriously starting to clutter my home.  I get everything from bills, magazines, newspapers, to junk mail. I look around and all of this paper is starting to take over my space.

So, I figure that now is the perfect time to clear out the clutter and go green by going paper free:

  • Instead of printing every single article that interests me I will create a folder on my computer and save the information in a file, I will also save  information I like to my favorites online.  I will transfer important paperwork to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD to eliminate the need for paper.
  • Instead of buying the Sunday paper or picking up a free copy of the City Paper, I will read the news online.
  • I will opt in to receiving all of my bills online instead of by mail; If I pay online I will reduce the cost of envelops, stamps, and late fees.
  • Stop junk mail and catalogs that I don’t need from coming to my house by contacting Direct Marketing Association and getting off of their mailing list.
  • Shred documents that I don’t need anymore like bills I’ve already paid, and paperwork I’ve accumulated over the years.
  • I will take magazines and books that have been piling up at home to work; so that my coworkers can enjoy or I will donate to a local library or shelter.
  • To eliminate the extra paper that I get from holiday and birthday cards; I will request that my family and friends send greetings electronically, or if they don’t have access to a computer then they can use recycled paper?
  • If I follow some of these going green paper free tips; not only will I be clutter free from paper but I will also be saving a few trees along the way!

Comments are welcomed! If you have any other ideas for becoming paper free please let me know!

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