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Money Saving Articles, National Credit Education Month


Money Saving Articles, National Credit Education Month


Since it’s National Credit Education Month,  we need to learn how to save money, budget properly, improve our FICO score, and learn tips to get out of debt.  Check out a few articles from the past on Savings Scoop that can help us get started with reducing our debt.




  • Learn how to budget and save with LearnVest.


  • 5 Tips to save money on the weekend


  • How to lower your personal debt ceiling?


  • Living on a budget can improve your credit.


  • Radical ways to save money and use it for debt help.
  • How to get out of debt this year?


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Tip of the Day, Create Your Super Budget This Weekend

Tweet       Dedicate your weekend to creating a super budget so, you know exactly how much money you have coming into your household, and exactly how much of that income goes towards paying bills, personal expenses, entertainment, and everything you spend your money on.   A budget shows you exactly where all of… Continue Reading

America On a Budget 2012

Tweet Savings Scoop Special Report: America Is On a Budget 2012 For those of us living paycheck to paycheck we already know what it’s like to budget, and make sacrifices. So when our President, said “if you are a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or put off a… Continue Reading

Weekend on a Budget

Tweet The weekend is finally here and you’ve worked hard; now it’s time to kick back, and relax with your family without having to spend a ton of money. So, what can you do this weekend if you are on a budget? First, check out your city’s local events calendar; you’ll find out about the… Continue Reading

7 Tips to Keep You Broke

Tweet   SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP. Every time you go shopping use your credit card and buy things you don’t need; especially if it’s really expensive. After all it’s not like you have to pay the bill right away. WHAT’S A BUDGET? If you are not going to have money in the future the why… Continue Reading

The Budget Chronicles, Savings Scoop

Tweet Budget….It’s something I’m going to have to do to pay off my debts and start saving money…The goal for next week is to track my spending habits to see exactly where my money is going…There are several free budget websites that I can use to create a budget and keep track of my finances…I… Continue Reading