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Because of the economy many people have fallen on hard times having to decide whether to pay rent or pay their credit card bills; paying rent usually wins but at the end of the month those credit card bills are still due.

Some people ignore the bills that come in by not opening them to avoid seeing how much they actually owe; after a few months the bills pile up, the phone starts to ring, and you check the caller ID only to see an 800 number, or unavailable on the phone display!

Of course you don’t answer these calls because its the debt collector calling you. Before you know it you can’t sleep, and you are anxious because worrying about your bills have now become a full time job.

So here are a few tips that will help to explain your rights as a consumer and to stop debt collectors from calling you!

Pay attention to all of the bills that are coming in by opening them up! once you actually see the numbers then you know how much you owe; you will also know the date that your bill is due.

Try to make the minimum payment every month on time.

Don’t ignore your bills! It’s better to call and negotiate payments with your creditors then not to do anything at all. If your creditors don’t here from you they will send the collection agencies after you to get their payments and some of these collection agencies can be ruthless.

Know your rights when it comes to collection agencies dealing with you and your financial situation.

Familiarize yourself with the “Fair Debt Collection Practice” which says that you have the right to be treated fairly and reasonably in any debt collection situation. You have the right to tell the collectors to stop contacting you if you feel that you are not being treated reasonably.

Know that debt collectors can’t threaten you or call your house at all hours of the night; they can only call you between 8am and 9pm. If you feel you are being harassed by collections agencies you can go to the original company where the debt is owed and work something out; or you can also contact your state attorney general.

Just remember it is possible to get out of debt it’s just going to take one day at a time!

All you have to do is to stay focused and be committed to paying off your debt so that one day you will be well on your way to becoming financially free!


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