How Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

How Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

Its summer, and the kids are complaining about how bored and broke they are. They constantly ask for money so they can go to the movies, amusement park, or the mall, you tell them that you are not an ATM that dispenses money on their demand, you explain that the family is on a budget and you can’t afford to give them money every time they want to buy something or go somewhere, however if they are willing to do odd jobs around the house or neighborhood, they may be able to earn a few dollars. It would also give them something positive to do so they won’t be totally bored.


Here are a few things kids can do to earn a few dollars this summer.


As long as you know the neighbors in your community, the kids can go out and do odd jobs like water plants, pick up the mail and newspapers for neighbors who are out of town. They can help the elderly by taking out the trash, bring in groceries, and pick things up around their house.


Kids can also set up a lemonade stand, or sell bottles of ice cold water on a hot day, or they can have a bake sale, and sell cookies and cupcakes to family, friends, and neighbors.


If the kids are old enough they can baby-sit, mow lawns, shovel snow, wash cars, walk, and feed pets, for people who are out of town.


The great thing about kids earning their own money is that they gain a little independence, and they appreciate the money even more since they earned it themselves.


Do you know about other types of odd jobs that kids can do to earn extra money this summer? Feel free to comment.


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