What to Do With Your Clutter


What to Do With Your Clutter

Spring is in the air, and you’ve finally gotten around to clearing out your clutter, now you want to know what to do will all that stuff you’ve acquired over the years?


Fortunately, there are places that will accept your junk; believe it or not, there is actually someone out there who will be able to use the things you no longer need.


There are a few online websites that will connect you to places that will take your junk and either swap, donate, or buy your things.


If you are looking to exchange some of your items, then check out thredUP.com, where you can swap slightly used kids clothes and toys you no longer use; for other items you might need.



If you want to donate your things, there are several places that help people in need that you can take your things to.


The Salvation Army, homeless shelters, and shelters for battered women and kids are places that could use the things you no longer need, check you local directory for the shelters in your neighborhood.


You might be able to make a few dollars on electrical devices you no longer use, like an old camera, IPOD, camcorder, DVD player and more.  Just go to Gazelle, a site that helps you sell and recycle used electronics.


So, stop making excuses about what to do with your clutter and start getting rid of it today!



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