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Cheap Home Made Cleaning Products

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Save money and time making your own homemade cleaning products.

If you are in the middle of doing some serious spring cleaning, and you realize that you have run out of cleaning products, don’t stop what you are doing to run out to the store to buy more chemicals to clean your house, all you have to do is look around your kitchen, and bathroom to find everything you need to make the best cleaning products for a sparkling household.

Vinegar, water, lemons, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, old spray bottle, and newspapers are all you need to create the ultimate cleaning products; you can also add a splash of your favorite aromatherapy oil to make your home smell even better.

To make a solution to clean the kitchen counter, cabinets, and bathroom toilet, sinks, and tiles, mix the vinegar with water, and squeeze a few drops of lemon and baking powder into the mixture and shake a few times and start spraying the area you want to clean.

Use baking soda to vacuum carpets, sofas, and to eliminate odors.

Once you finish cutting coupons out of your newspaper, don’t throw the paper away, use the rest of the newspaper to clean windows, glass surfaces, and glass showers.

The next time you run out of cleaning products, consider making your own, it’s cheaper, chemical free, and it cleans your home better than some store bought products.

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