Best Money Saving Budget Travel Tips

Best Money Saving Budget Travel Tips


With more people than ever watching their spending, traveling and holidays can sometimes seem an expensive luxury. However, there are ways to save money when traveling as well as reducing the impact on the environment.

Green Travel and Public Transport

Green travel is becoming increasingly popular, with many people car sharing or using public transport. Not only does this help to reduce the carbon footprint, it can also save money when traveling.

Although the costs of public transport have been rising over the last few years, there are still good deals available for those who are booking holidays in the UK. Booking tickets in advance for UK destinations usually means much better value than driving and of course, train journeys are greener as well as offering a more relaxing way to travel.

With trains available to France, it is easier than ever to access many destinations in Europe. For those who are considering activity holidays, such as cycling trips, the baggage costs for equipment on trains is considerably less than on planes. The UK also has an extensive coach network that again, can cost less than car travel, as well as reducing the carbon footprint. Ferries are also available from a number of UK ports, travelling to Ireland, France and other European countries.

Although planes are the least environmentally friendly way to travel, technology is focusing on reducing some of the carbon impact from planes, such as developing ‘green landing’ initiatives and it is expected that planes will eventually reduce some of their carbon footprint.

Responsible Holidays and Travel

There are specialist tour operators that offer responsible holidays. These holidays include responsible travel that aims to minimise the carbon footprint. They also focus on reducing the impact of travel on the holiday destination as well as its local communities. Travellers can also do their bit to help with responsible holidays, such as by learning some of the local language and supporting local businesses.

Responsible holidays also try to help local economies by maximizing the benefit of travel. Travelers to a destination are often able to engage with local communities and cultures, such as by visiting villages or even by staying with local residents. These specialist tour operators will often work with a number of charities globally that try to make a difference to some of the many global issues, such as homelessness, that are prevalent across the world.

Responsible Holidays on a Budget

For those who are looking for responsible or green holidays, booking self-catering accommodation can help to keep the costs down. Other accommodation options worth considering include camping or staying in hostels.

Other ways of traveling on a budget include the possibility of taking part in one of the many volunteering opportunities available throughout the world. Many of these will only request payment of travel costs; accommodation and meals are usually included. Not only is this a way to help make a difference to a community, there is also the chance to embrace the local culture and lifestyle and have the opportunity to see some of the region.

Emma Pearson has a passion for green and responsible travel. Emma writes regularly on travel for a number of travel websites and blogs. She has a particular interest in the green credentials of travel companies.


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